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Cargadores Vehiculares CIRCUTOR - CIRCUTOR


We are pioneers of the CIRCUTOR brand in Colombia

Electric Vehicle Recharge

Indoor Recharging of Electric Vehicles

ENext Series

eNext is the new generation of charging devices for domestic environments from Circutor. It is a device capable of recharging up to 22kW in mode 3 and can be installed with a type 1, type 2 or type 2 socket.

EPARK series

The ePARK series offers the maximum performance required by the market, management and monitoring with remote control or integration in management platforms based on the OCPP1.6J protocol.

RVE-WB Series

The Wall-Box, vehicle charging boxes of the RVE family, have been designed to meet the needs of electric vehicle charging in covered parking lots, complying with all electrical safety regulations

EHOME series

The eHome range has been optimized to offer the best cost / features ratio on the market. As a result we obtain a high quality product that can comfortably charge all brands of electric vehicles on the market in Mode 3 with a Type 1 or Type 2 connector.

WB-eBasic Series

The WB-eBasic T2S32 vehicle charging system is designed to provide continuous use in indoor and outdoor car parks

Electric Vehicle Recharge

Outdoor Recharging of Electric Vehicles

RAPTION 150 series

RAPTION 150 chargers are the most advanced equipment for recharging electric vehicles. They offer the shortest recharging times on the market, thus facilitating long trips in an electric vehicle, while at the same time, thanks to their design, they offer the user a comfortable and intuitive operation.
They are ideal to be located in electric stations or charging hubs.

RAPTION 50 series

RAPTION equipment is ideal for recharging on public roads, shopping centers, rental companies, vehicle fleets, company parking lots, etc. with CHAdeMO and COMBO CCS connectors for Mode 4 direct current recharging and Type 1 or Type 2 connectors for Mode 3 alternating current recharging

URBAN-WB series

URBAN WB equipment is especially suitable for all types of indoor or outdoor car parks. They can have Type 1, Type 2 or Type 2 sockets, allowing recharging in Mode 3 and remote control monitoring, or they can be integrated into management platforms based on the OCPP 1.5 or 1.6 protocol.

URBAN series

URBAN equipment facilitates recharging tasks for different EV users, incorporating all the necessary electrical protections to guarantee full safety inside an aluminum metal body. Have Type II sockets and / or Schuko sockets in various combinations, allowing recharging in Mode 1-2 and Mode 3

RVE2-P series

Designed for all those places in the open that can be used for parking vehicles of any kind (cars, motorcycles, bicycles, vans). As an example they can be: public roads, outdoor public parking lots, parking lots in large areas, airports and company fleets, among others.

RVE-QPC Series

Fast charging point for Combo2, CHAdeMO and 63 Aa.c. electric vehicles. CIRCUTOR's Ultra-fast charging stations can charge electric vehicles in a few minutes (15 ~ 30 min.) Depending on the capacity of the batteries and their level of discharge.





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