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Cubiertas Solares & Techos Solares


Solar Roofs and Roofs

We transform energy

At ENSICOM we aim for sustainable development, where natural resources are used as the main source of supply and supply of energy; managing to provide comprehensive solutions and interdisciplinary technical support to obtain the best ally from the sun, allowing energy efficiency.

Energía Renovable

Quality and energy  keep going

Energía Renovable

Aesthetics and


Energía Renovable

Profitable and Sustainable

Energía Renovable

Energy independence


Innovation engineering and Architecture

Through the implementation of Solar Roofs, it is possible to have quality and continuity in the supply of electrical energy, providing energy independence and aesthetic conservation of the house, without neglecting the sustainable environmental impact generated by the implementation of this system.

We have a specialized and qualified team to provide you with the best energy alternative and a profitable long-term investment.

Energía Renovable

Visit and Diagnosis

Energía Renovable

Economic proposal

Energía Renovable

Aesthetic and architectural design

Energía Renovable

Energy supply

Our services

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CALLE 95 # 9A-08

Bogota, DC - Colombia


+57 (1) 268 5200

+57 315 458 9575


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