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The power of future lighting

Solar Luminaire

At ENSICOM we aim for sustainable development, where natural resources are used as the main source of supply and supply of energy.


The solar lighting product line offers autonomous lighting communication with high-tech solar energy, smart cities and electric power columns that charge themselves through their unique cylindrical solar panels.

With an efficiency of over 23%, the built-in solar cells are the most efficient and best-performing available on the market.

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No connection to the electricity grid
  • Single battery Easy installation.

  • No electricity costs.

  • Battery and connection to the electrical network.

  • Ideal for locations with an unreliable electrical network.

Connection to the electric grid
  • Connected to the electrical network, without battery.

  • It feeds the electrical grid with electricity.

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Quality and energy  keep going

ICONO 445_edited.png

Aesthetics and


ICONO 446_edited.png

Profitable and Sustainable

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Energy independence


Adaptive Design

Its design allows you to adjust the solar pole according to your specific application. Our solution is available in a range of standard heights (4, 5, 6 and 8 meters), but can also be customized to your needs in larger quantities due to the modular design.

Luminary  Autonomous with Connectivity

All posts are connected to a secure online platform. This platform gives you total control over your facilities. Through a visual and intuitive user interface, the intelligent management platform presents clear information on the performance data of each individual product.

Luminarias Solar Autonomas.JPG
Luminaria Solar Residencial.JPG

NxT Solar Lantern

Our range of NxT solar luminaires offers a color palette of lighting options for private and / or public grounds. This solar powered outdoor lamp works completely wirelessly.

4G WIFI point

Our range of limunaries with WiFi access and connection make wireless internet connection truly wireless. The design and components enables a powerful WiFi mesh network and is powered by advanced solar technology; all integrated into an elegant and unique solar column.

Puntos de Conectividad Solar.JPG
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Visit and Diagnosis

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Economic proposal

ICONO 500_edited.png

Aesthetic and architectural design

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Energy supply

Our services

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CALLE 95 # 9A-08

Bogota, DC - Colombia


+57 (1) 268 5200

+57 315 458 9575


office @ ensicom

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